Martz and the Media

There’s no such thing as bad publicity right? Well not when it comes to Martz. Mad Mike is about as PR savvy as Mike Tyson. He has barred media from practices and Rams’ Park more times than I can count. The organization engages in threats of the media such as radio personality Kevin Slaten of 590theFan and Post Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz (click here for the full story).

Martz’s press conferences are routinely filled with contradictory statements. If you listen to the interviews from the week before a game and then compare them to statements after a Ram loss it sounds like two completely different people. Of course after every loss Martz assures the public “We’ll fix it.” The problem with that is, THEY NEVER DO!

For every year that Martz has been here defense and special teams has been a problem. This year, defense and special teams will most certainly be the bane of St. Louis football fans. Not only does Martz sound foolish to local fans, he makes the organization look bad nationally. In a press conference last year Martz was asked about the lack of touches Stephen Jackson saw. In his response Martz stated that he didn’t even know that Jackson wasn’t in the game. After all, he pointed out, he has too much to do to be able to keep track of that stuff. This idiotic statement was of course picked up by the national media which had a good laugh at the city, organization, and of course the coach’s expense. I would write more but I am worried about my blood pressure...


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