Mike Martz's play calling...

One need not look any further than the 49er game for evidence to support this point. Martz has not one but two of the best running backs in the league available to him. Sure Faulk is getting older but he is still a stud and looked great when he got the ball. Stephen Jackson is primed for a break out year. This would seem like a great situation would it not? However, how many carries did these two backs get this week? They got 22 carries, 19 for Jackson and 3 for Faulk. Keep in mind that the Rams had the ball for nearly 40 minutes and threw the ball 56 times! 56!

In contrast the victorious 49ers attempted only 18 passes and 21 rushes. That’s called balance. The Rams don’t have any. Game after game, Martz abandons the run in favor of his crazy, too complicated to actually work, passing schemes. When Bulger first took over for the injured Warner, Martz had little confidence in the QB and relied heavily on the running backs, specifically Faulk. All they did was go win 5 in a row. Martz has repeatedly talked about how he needs to run the ball more, he has received national criticism for his lack of running plays, and yet…. 56 passing attempts. You know the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results… maybe Martz really has gone mad.

In the first loss of the season last year… 15 rushes and 31 passing attempts. In the last loss of the season last year…35 passing attempts and only 18 rushes. Now granted, both games the Rams were trying to come from behind, but the point still remains. They didn’t run the ball at the beginning of the year, they didn’t at the end of the year and it costs them time and time again. And, after last weeks game, it looks like we are in for another year of frustratingly stubborn play calls from the so called “offensive genius”. Here’s a free tip, Mike… RUN THE BALL!!!


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